Sending Credit & Topping Up Your Mobile Phone

  • Send airtime credit to as many recipients at the click of a button without having to scratch a recharge card.
  • You have the advantage of sending credit to anyone on any network, and if you want to use a phone number you have up to 14 numeric characters.
  • Once you create an account on AirtimeNg you can “top-up” your account easily.
  • Also enjoy ease and flexibility in recharging your account with the use of your InterSwitch Debit card, Verve card, and Naira Master card from anywhere in the country.
  • We take away the hassles to provide you with an easy to use, always available airtime credit distribution system.

Recharging Your Account With Naira Credits

  • Once you click on the “Recharge” button on the left menu, you get the option of paying with your Interswitch ATM or Cash card, or notifying us of your bank deposit.

  • The online Payment module provides a secure channel to make payments through InterSwitch, as we do not collect any card details from you.
  • To initiate your payment, all you have to do is click the “Recharge Now” button which loads the Secure Payment module.
  • Scheduled messages will be sent automatically at a specified later time, using an easy to modify and customise phone book to send messages to pre-defined groups of contacts.